General FAQ's

What Makes TK. Cash For Junk Cars Different From Other Junk Car Buyers?

"T.K. Cash For Junk Cars use a developed pricing strategy and up-to-date market pricing without any hidden fees. We consider many factors, such as mileage, location, year, make, model, and condition, to provide you with an accurate and competitive offer. Our honest pricing and readiness to assist under any circumstances differentiate us from our competitors! "

Is My Quote Free or Does it Come with Certain Obligations?

Your quote is Free with no obligation!

Do You Offer Same Day Pick-up?

We offer same-day pick-up, and we are very punctual. However, in rare cases and under forced circumstances, your pick-up might be delayed. We will always keep you in the loop and coordinate it for your best interest.

Do You Buy Junk Cars Without Title?

All cars must have a title. Otherwise, we will offer our apologies as we will not be able to proceed with the transactions.

Do You Sell Used Auto Parts?

Unfortunately, we do not sell Auto Parts.

Do You Offer Towing Services?

We offer Free Car Removal when you sell your car to us only.

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Payments FAQ's

How Do You Determine My Car Value?

Many factors impact the pricing: condition, location, type, year, make, model, and more. Additionally, the scrap metal market plays an important role in the price as well. To give you a specific quote, you will have to provide us accurate information about your car and we will be more than happy to assist.

If I Still Owe Money On My Car, Can I Junk IT?

You will have to clear the remaining balance for us to be able to purchase it.

How Much Money Do You Pay For A Junk Car?

Our price range depends on the condition, location, year, model, make, and many other market factors. However, our prices start from $100 up to $20,000 depending on the car.

Do You Pay Cash For Cars?

Yes, we pay in cash right after the pick-up.

Do You Have Any Hidden Fees When I Sell My Car?

No hidden fees! We will pay you what we offered without any hidden charges.

Can you purchase my junk car if I have a lien on my title?

Unfortunately, we do not purchase cars with liens or pawned titles.

Vehicle FAQ's

Do You Buy Damaged Cars?

We buy any car no matter what condition: totaled, broken, running-or-not, or facing mechanical problems. Most important is to have a title.

What Paperwork Do I Need To Junk My Car?

Mainly, you need to have a title to proceed with the transactions. Besides, your registration (expired or nearly expired is accepted) and your license will make the process smoother.

Can I Sell My Car If The Title Is Not Under My Name?

We can't buy a vehicle that is not under your name. You will need to get a clean title with your name on it to proceed.

Can I Junk My Car Without The Registration?

If you have a title we can proceed, however, we will need to verify the ownership of the car.

What Happens To My Scrap Car After Sale?

Once you sell your car to T.K. Cash For Junk Cars, we will follow safe enviornmental procedures to recycle your vehicle.

Do We Still Buy My Car If It Is Missing Parts?

Yes we do buy your car running-or-not!

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